An Intro to My Offering

I offer a range of packages which I feel work well to bring the elements of balance and calm – from my personal experience and those of my customers. You need commitment to carry out the work and use the tools, this is not a solution that happens to you, but you are the solution. You do have to do the work though, or there will be no changes. If you miss out several evening of SleepTalk or don’t take the flower essences or use your balance card (whichever tool you have chosen), then this will delay results.

You have a choice to be the change of calm and balance or not.

All tools and therapies are available through face-2-face, Zoom/Skype, group work, downloadable videos & documents and prices vary accordingly.


The complementary therapies and services I offer help bring you the parent back into balance, giving you space for calm. I also have a range of support services for children to help and support their own development and behaviour and habits. This is like a win-win situation for everyone, the parents are calmer and the children are calmer so “spirals” don’t occur to the same level and everything becomes much more manageable AND Enjoyable.

For more information on some of the techniques check out more information links below:

£99 Starter Pack

We all need to start somewhere and the content in this “Starter Pack” is designed to allow you some quick, simple and daily tools to use to Create your Family Calm.

By using these toools consistently you can create space for calm whenever you need it – before school, bedtime, moments of anxiety.

You can also support your child whenever they are away from you with many tools.

As well as a 30 minute consultation with me you receive –

  • A copy of the Balance & Calm Tookkit for Frazzled Mums and to Create Family Calm (worth £16)
  • Essential oil Trio kit of lavender, lemon and peppermint worth £25 (plus videos instructing how you can use them)
  • “Essential Oils for Children” video
  • “Daily Tools for Calm” Webinar video
  • Meditation pack of 10 MP3s
  • E-Book on Mindfulness activities
  • Access to my Secret “Create Family Calm Support Group” to ask any questions or advice

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£350 Goulding Process & Support Package

Toddler tantrums, sibling rivalry, food/toileting issues anxieties, behavioural outbursts, bedwetting, school anxieties/issues…. The joys of parenthood!

What if there was a possible solution that only took two minutes a night; for you to talk to your child as they slept; to build their self-esteem and emotional resilience and KNOW that they are truly loved whatever?

The Goulding Process can give you these benefits for the child:

  •  improved behaviour
  •  increased enjoyment of school
  •  better health and wellbeing
  •  improved concentration

For the family a few benefits are:

  • a happy, calmer home environment
  • better relationships (no sibling rivalry)
  • less family tension

What’s included?

  • Full training on the process , supported by  videos & PDFs
  • Review of “where you are now”
  • 8 week review with bespoke change of script
  • 4 months support (1 hour 1-2-1 calls each month plus additional support as needed).

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Bespoke Solutions and Tools

A bespoke solution simply means a personal service and consultation – specific to your needs – not necessary a VIP solution!

Although I offer some “off the shelf” packs and group work options, I know your child is an individual.

Your child may be on the spectrum and have difficulty shutting their busy mind down at bedtime, have anger issues, sibling rivalry, need some quiet time ideas.

So I offer a bespoke solution package.

We will speak about your needs and desires for you and your child/ren. Then I can suggest which of the tools in my toolkit can support you best.

It might just be the price of an essential oil (lavender is £26) or a copy of one of my books. It might be we’ll decide to book various elements together as a bespoke package.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be bespoke.

A free consultation of 20 minutes is offered beyond this I may chage £45 an hour (thi s will depend on your circumstances and the tools I suggest – it may be waivered if spend is over £100)

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils have been used for years to support wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

As a qualified aromatherapist and doTERRA Wellness Advocate I can support your journey with oils

The Goulding Self-esteem Process (formerly SleepTalk)

A simple script that you read to your sleeping child that creates positive mindset and behavioural responses.

Takes just 2 minutes a night!

The Balance Procedure

A Simple, quick Daily tool usinThe Balance Procedure cards or app to get you into alignment with what you want to create. On an emotional or physical level.

Are you in alignment with your desire? Balance it & then you are.

Meditation & Mindfulness Tools

Mindfulness acts and daily meditation can bring calm to you as a parent and to your children too.

Simple guided visualisations and mindfulness activities can bring calm in moments. Perfect for after school, bedtime or times of stress