SHT – Start of Holiday Tension

I’ve been so looking forward to the holidays, a time to chill and relax with my little ones. As I’m self-employed I do struggle switching off, but am determined to do better this summer holiday.

Therein lies the problem. I think I’ve somehow put pressure on myself to switch off completely and have spent the weekend feeling rather tense and dare I say shouty.

The children were shattered at the end of the term and so excited to be on holiday for 6 weeks and seem to be playing with very loud voices. Six weeks of loud children and sibling rivalry is not helping my Start of Holiday Tension (SHT).

What are my Start of Holiday Tension Symptoms?

  • I’m feeling sensitive to noise (thinking of the neighbours and our noise level – or is there a “fear of being judged” going on there?)
  • Fear of not living up to their expectations for the holidays
  • Fear of missing something in my business if I switch off completely
  • Feeling I have to control and timetable lots of different activities
  • Overwhelm on the thought of feeding and going to the shops with them (gets expensive)!
  • Lack of sleep (probably from a run of very hot days and nights)
  • Exhaustion already!

So what have I decided?

So having recognised my Start of Holiday Tension symptoms (from previous summer) I’ve decided:

  • I’m not going to worry about being judged (I’m doing the best I can) – my children are simply playing (albeit loudly) and we’ll do plenty of park trips to burn it off!
  • Kids are quite happy to “just be”, give them access to the trampoline, paddling pool (all weathers), ice lollies and drawing equipment and I know they’ll be happy & have no expectations.
  • I have set up out of offices on my business email and fb. I will check them and come back but it won’t be until kids are in bed (exhausted from a day of fresh air hopefully!). So please bear with me
  • See point 2 – each week we’ll have a selection of things to do or go to stop them being couch potatoes, but I’m going to relax on the “we must do’s”
  • Food shopping will be ordered online or I’ll nip out after hubby comes home (which will reduce the shopping bill by at least £8 compared to taking kids, not to mention stress!)
  • Lack of sleep – napping on sofa maybe when they watch a bit of TV!
  • Exhaustion – actually I feel better already having shared with you all!


So if you feel yourself with SHT symptoms, remember kids just want to enjoy, have freedom and don’t need a planned itinerary to get them through the holidays.

Relax and Enjoy – create some family calm  and happy memories

Enjoy the next 6 weeks – you’ve got this