I thought I’d start doing a monthly recipe share – something that has worked well with my kids – both as an experience of doing and also with eating!

At the weekend I found a great little recipe which was simple and easy – and didn’t take too long to make. I must say they tasted sensational!

Bread Rolls Recipe:

250g strong white flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 7g fast yeast, 150ml warm water

(poppy seeds etc can be added too)

oiled tray, 200 C fan, cling film or damp teacloth

  • First sift the salt and flour into a bowl.
  • Then add sugar and yeast (and poppy seeds if using).
  • Make a well and pour in water, mix together to form dough
  • Knead for 10 mins . stretching and folding the dough to make it feel less sticky and more elastic
  • Then divide into 4 or 6 rolls depending on how many you need, place on oiled tray and cover with cling film or damp cloth and place somewhere warm. Leave for 30 mins and will double in size
  • Remove cover and place in over for 10-15 mins until sound hollow when tapped on the bottom
  • Allow to cool and then enjoy

We had pulled pork in ours and they were delicious. Explain to your child that the bread has a different texture as it isn’t a light as a bought roll (had to do this with my children!)

Enjoy x