Welcome to Create Family Calm

Do you want a calmer family and home life?

Would you like to learn simple tools that can support your children?

Do you want to be able to stop toddler tantrums, anger outbursts, toilet/ food issues, bedwetting, school anxieties, sibling rivalry and more?

How does spending 2 minutes a night whilst your child sleeps sound?

Yes really, just 2 minutes a night as your child sleeps you can build their self-esteem and resolve so many of these childhood “issues” which frankly get in the way of being happy and having fun.

I want you to be able to have balance and calm at home and in your life in general. Create Family Calm is here to teach you tools and techniques you can use to bring this balance and calm to yourself and your family. It really is life- changing in a positive way, so please have a look around and ask me any questions about how you can create family calm for your family.

If you are looking for a new way of looking after your children, or resolving childhood behavioural issues, self-confidence, anger/tantrums or anxiety issues in your child then this is the website for you!

I offer a range of therapies for parents and services for parent/children. Read about my story on the about me page, I’m not claiming to be a perfect Mum, and know I still have things to work on, but the therapies and services I provide have made an enormous difference to me, my children and our family.

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