I am a Mum to two small children and an award winning holistic therapist. I offer a range of therapies for parents and services for parent/children. 

I’m not claiming to be a perfect Mum, and know I still have things to work on, but the therapies and services I provide have made an enormous difference to me, my children and our family.

Welcome, I’m Romella, a Mum to two children age 10 & 8 and a multi-award winning therapist and energy practitioner. I’m also a published author with a series of books called “Balance and Calm Toolkit”, full of quic & simple tools that easily fit into daily life!

RomellaI always wanted to have children, but my children took a while to come along, with some heartaches along the way. Then motherhood really wasn’t as easy or “rosy” as everyone seemed to make out. I had dreadful sibling rivalry and jealousy, great school anxieties with my eldest and other normal childhood behavioural issues. I was lucky that courses and options came along to support me at the right time and I want to share these with other parents.

Don’t we all want to do the best for our children, to be the parent we want to be and not the one who is shouting, upset, stressed…

I know the services I offer work because I have been using them for the last seven years and have happy clients and have won two awards for the work I do (won an award plus shortlisted for the Businesses for Children Awards 2016 & 2017).

I trained to be a holistic therapist over ten years ago & have added to my qualifications over  the years, focussing on the area of balance and calm. My focus is for parents and children to bring calm into your lives too. I love how these therapies all come together to build packages specific for you the parent and your children; to really bring out the best you all have to offer and create those special memories.

Five years ago I qualified to be a Goulding SleepTalk™ consultant, a self-esteem program for children. This program takes two minutes a night whilst your children sleep and can resolve a huge array of childhood behavioural issues from tantrums, toilet issues, anxieties, speech, anger, sleep, eating to other emotional and physical issues. For my son he received the headteacher’s award a few weeks after starting the Sleeptalk™ program!

My children’s wellbeing is so important to me and their happiness in this sometimes chaotic world is key to their wellbeing and mine & my family.

This is my story, tell me yours and let’s build a solution package together so you can be the parent you want to be

Rom x

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