In the last week of school , before the summer holidays began my daughter came home clutching a cute hand-sized bear and a (groan)… green A4 book from school. A lovely idea as “travel ted” does lots of fun activities with you you take photos and your darling child gets to write all about the fabulous summer they’ve had in said book…


So ALL summer this bear has lived in my handbag. Then being dragged out whenever a photo opportunity arose – like a starstruck diva! We’ve (ie me) have started sticking in photos and leaflets into the green book, in readiness. I’ve had the issue of getting photos off my phone and onto the laptop so I can print them. However, the difficult part is now – getting the child to write in the book!

It’s a great idea and I’m sure some kids relish the idea of writing a diary and about their holiday. My daughter (like her brother before her) not so much. Every day I’ve said we really need to get something written in the green book so you can share with your friends etc… Nothing! No interest at all. Bribery, blackmail,complements and persuasion of any kind all met with a blank no.

This bear has drained the surplus energy from every event we’ve had. From locating it, posing (without brother messing in photo), to printing the photo and then the prospect of the writing afterwards. Its a great idea and she’s loved the principle, but so far no words have been written. Nothing, na da! Oh dear!

We have two more days left until “The End” and return to uniform and school days. I must admit I shall be pleased to get back to the 4 of us in the family – without the bear’s constant presence. However, I still have 48 hours to get my daughter to write something!

Any ideas welcome! thank you – Romella “the bear pusher”

Romella Jones – Chief Calm Creator @ Create Family Calm