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I’m Romella and Mum to 2 sparks of joy who are now 10 & 8 (not sure how that happened!).

I am a multi-award winning therapisyt & energy practitoner who specialises in tools to support Mums and children to bring calm and most importantly happiness to their family. I have also written a series of books to make my tools financially & time-wise easy to access and apply.

The key word is apply! YOu can have all the therapies, books, good intentions in the world – but if you don’t do them or apply them, then really things will never change.

I know as a Mum time is precious and can all to often be a rare moment – so my superpower is to make the accessible in quick & simple ways that you can use every day – and throughout the day – in minutes.

so if you’re ready to take action and support yourself & your family to create family calm and happiness, you’ve found the right place!

love, Romella x (Chief Calm Creator)


Would you like some taster tools to start your journey to calm and happiness?

 All freely available (no email needed)

Click here to go to my page of FREEBIES -from daily habit videos, to meditations, essential oil suggestions.

For Frazzled Mums and Sensitive/ Busy children alike.

Plus if you’d like an oil sample just email me! 

Books to Buy from £5.50

All my books are available on Amazon & Kindle.

Are you a Frazzled Mum? Then I have 160 quick ways to bring moments of calm into your day.

For Children I have a book full of indoor & outside activities, plus visualisations, mindfulness, story massage and positive affirmations.

Plus an Advent Countdown book with activities and calm tools for each day.

Ready To Take Action?

If you are ready to make positive changes for you and your family then book your FREE 20 minute discovery call here.

In this session you can talk opening & safely about your family and their needs. Together we will create a bespoke package for you to support all members of the family – you included.

This may be essential oils, SleepTalk, The Balance Procedure, energy work, flower essences and meditation/mindfulness tools.

Be the Change that you Want to See in your Family

There are so many tools, books, solutions and advice all around us – from friends, other mums, family, teachers, websites, social media. 

In the end you know your child best and the tools to support them will feel right to you.

There’s no point buying something and never reading or using the tools. 

You will want to do them, to activate the positive changes, to be that ripple effect and support them on their journey to calm and happiness.

“Be the change that you want to see in the World” Ghandi

“Be the change that you want to see in your family” Romella <3

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“It’s amazing what a difference has been made over the last 3 months or so, without us really realising!

We were struggling to deal with our son’s frustrations and anger, which were causing him and the whole family a huge amount of distress….Rom talked us through the concept, was very knowledgeable, and talked with understanding from a position of ‘having been there’. She explained the process really clearly, and checked in to see how we were getting on throughout the first week. This gave us confidence to keep going. We have just had our first review, and have been amazed at the improvements which we have achieved, without us even really noticing!

Over the past 3 months or so, we have gone from a situation where this anger and frustration was having a hugely detrimental impact on all of us as a family, to one where things aren’t actually as bad as they were. In fact, in a number of areas, there has been a significant improvement, particularly in terms of him gaining in confidence and being able to communicate his needs with speech, rather than resorting to physical means. We are certainly not there yet, but we are continuing with the program and look forward to more improvements as we go on. ”  

Customer S

GP and mum to 2 boys was worn out with the issues around 4yo son his anger and responses, issues at nursery etc. SleepTalk™ turned their family life around and made a very anxious, frustrated & angry little boy into a boy able to cope with life and school, concentrate, make new friends and be happy.

Key comments are son is “staying calmer”, “understands consequences”, “Listens       nicely at school”, “not had a night terror for couple of months”, “loves to help”.      Gives a hug, says sorry or I love you “all the time now. It’s great!”

Customer F



After the six week review mum said “things have been improving slowly. “x” has stayed in his bed all night for three nights now. He is learning to control his anger. His confidence seems to be growing too.”. They have noticed that “X” has good control over anger, remaining calm for longer and outburst are over much quicker than before.  He is also happy for the first time in a long time “He is happier in himself and shows more confident side of self. He manages to be happy, despite issues”

Customer J

Industry and Award Winning Recognition

The winner’s business exemplifies the characteristics of this category. She is qualified in a number of therapy disciplines giving her the flexibility to treat her clients appropriately. One element that stood out is this finalist actively treats adults and children and many of her therapies have a proven positive effect on the whole family. Her complementary therapies are all about supportingand improving the lives of parents and children.
The Winner of the Health & Beauty Mum of the Year Award is Romella Jones  October 2015

Bizmums Judge for the Health & Beauty Category